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Paul A. Cagle

Paul A. Cagle published his first book, Paranormal Journeys, in October of 2010 with limited success. It would be another two years before he sat down to start working on another book, this one a novel. After getting laid off from his job at a major insurance company, he decided to start writing a story that had been in his head for several years, and Shadow Born: Book 1 of the Shadow-Borne Chronicles started coalescing into something that resembled a novel. There were quite a few stops and starts along the way, moving from one place to another, switching jobs and trying to figure out what direction to take in both his personal life and the story line. Two and half years after it was started, Shadow Born was published on Kindle and Amazon. He is currently working on book two which doesn’t yet have a name, but he is hoping it won’t take another two and half years to finish the second novel.

Paul is a huge fan of the vampire genre but didn’t want to write the same old story being told by others. Instead, he took a character, figured out what made him different and wrote a book based on the trials and issues that someone might find themselves in if they were ‘human’ but had abilities that made them stronger and faster than a creature of the night. Shadow Born follows the life of Alec Carson, a young man that finds himself in a dark world of immortal beings, dark power plays and an unknown enemy that wants him dead. Pick up your copy today to find out how Alec fares.

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