Author: Paul A. Cagle
ISBN: 978-1500697648

SB Cover Kin2
Shadow Born:Book 1 of the Shadow-Borne Chronicles
Alec Carson wakes up naked and alone with a crazed woman that has abducted him, sliced his wrists open for her own dark needs and forced him to drink blood for her own sadistic ends. After unknown assailants attack his abductor, Alec finds himself in the hospital alive and thinks the nightmare has ended and that his life will get back to normal once he starts college. But he is wrong. His journey into the dark, secret world of immortal beings, dark power plays and an unknown enemy that wants him dead, is just beginning and Alec will have to fight just to prove he has the right to exist. What can Alec do to stay alive and prove himself worthy of trust and the right to live? He will have to pit himself against an ageless enemy that wants to see him dead and align himself with powers that even immortals fear. What he’s become has never been seen before and what he doesn’t know could get him killed. Alec was born in shadow, but he will be shadow-borne through his journey to see himself liberated and he will be forced into becoming a power to be reckoned with.

Only $3.99 for Kindle and $13.00 in paperback, only on Amazon. Free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers and Amazon Prime members with a Kindle e-reader.
Needed bloggers and reviewers for my new novel Shadow Born. This is not your typical vampire novel. Let me know what you think.
Paul A. Cagle

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