Excerpt From Chapter 6 of The Dead of Night
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Alec felt an odd tingle wash over him for a moment, like the other night at the other crime scene.  A cold shiver went down his spine.  He’d lost focus for a moment and hadn’t really been paying attention to anything going on around him, other than Aleisha, and hadn’t kept up with what was […]

The Devil is Coming for you, Alec-Excerpt
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“Ms. Farris, do you remember attacking Alec?” Dorn asked. At Alec’s name the woman twitched a little. Nothing big or grand, just a small tick.   Alec and Dorn looked at one another. Alec wished he was burning blood, just in case she somehow pulled out another knife and tried to hack his head off. Dorn […]

Excerpt from Shadow Born
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Excerpt from Shadow Born: Book 1 of the Shadow-Borne Chronicles: Alec was burning alive. He couldn’t breathe. The heat and smoke were burning his lungs and choking him. He writhed in agony as the flames consumed his body. He tried screaming but only a hoarse croak came out of his seared lungs. Around him he […]