Difficulties Writing and Why Book 2 is Taking so Long
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So, I haven’t blogged in quite some time, and for that I apologize.  Also, I would like to apologize that it’s taking me so long to finish book 2 of the Shadow Borne Chronicles.  Trust me when I say, no one is more disappointed in my lack of writing than myself.  I’ve had some issues with sitting down and writing.  This post is not meant to be an excuse for my failure to publish book 2, but more a list of reasons I am side tracked and haven’t finished yet.  I have a lot of other projects that I work on, and they have taken me away from my writing.  But changes, they are a-comin.

On top of being a writer I also have a full time day job.  Nothing can tire you out like the stresses of a 9-5 job.  Don’t get me wrong, I like my job.  But after eight hours a day, sometimes all I want to do is come home and rest, not fire up ye ole computer and be creative.  I’m working on that.  I also have a ghost hunting group that I run.  Granted, we aren’t as active as I would sometimes like to be, but it still takes time to speak with a client, plan an investigation, travel, set up the equipment, investigate for 3-6 hours, pack the equipment, drive home, get in bed after the sun has risen and then get up and review twenty to thirty hours of data.  Believe me that is exhausting!  I also have two internet shows that I plan, research, produce, host and do all of the promotions and website updates for.  The SEPS Paranormal Podcast is a podcast that I do that is all about the ghost hunting side of things (www.sepsparanormal.org) and the Ænigma Project is an internet radio show about all things paranormal that I host every Monday, live at 8PM EST. (www.aenigmaproject.com/listen-live/)  So, yes, I stay a little busy.  Then, I try to find time to sit down and write.  Not enough hours.

But, those of you who are eagerly awaiting book 2 will be happy to know, I am making some changes.  My first goal in life is to be a writer.  So I am going to focus on that.  I’ve been writing again and have plans to release book 2 some time this year.  I don’t have a release date yet, but stay tuned for upcoming announcements.  If you aren’t yet subscribed to my newsletter, please take a moment and do so.  The newsletter will be the quickest, easiest way to receive updates about current and future projects in the Shadow Borne Chronicles series.  I’ll be announcing the name of book 2, the release date of the book and sharing the cover art with the newsletter first and then announcing it on my website at a later date.  So the newsletter is the best way to find out that information.  I will also be sending out a Shadow Borne short story as a thank you to current and future subscribers.  Something to look forward to.

So, there you have it, the various and sundry reasons book 2 is not a reality yet.  I am planning on making some changes and making sure that I have time to sit down and be a productive writer.  I hope that you enjoyed Shadow Born and that you are as excited about book 2 as much as I am.  If you have any questions or comments for me about the books, please feel free to email me at paul@shadow-borne.com.  I enjoy hearing from you guys!


Marie Posted June 18, 2016 at5:31 pm   Reply

I’m so glad book 2 is coming out this year! It can’t come soon enough. I’m dying to read more. I love your writing.

Paul Cagle Posted June 19, 2016 at2:37 pm   Reply

Thanks Marie, I’m glad you enjoy it. I hope you enjoy the second book as well. This is the first time I’ve attempted writing novels so I’m learning along the way. Lol. It’s a lengthy process but hopefully I’ll get it down and book 3 will take less time.

Jennifer Posted July 4, 2016 at11:59 pm   Reply

Hi Paul,

I am not going to lie, I’ve been checking out various internet sources to see what you have been up to and in July had given up on the prospect of a second book. Which I need to add, was a major disappointment, as I believe that you have the beginnings of a fantastic series in your hands. I am glad that I decided to look one more time before throwing in the towel! More so glad you made a remark on the Amazon Message board last month. You have renewed my interest and I cannot wait to receive my updates via email. Best of luck in writing! Fingers crossed for this year! I am eager to hear about Alec and the ‘secret’ new file ‘code name Archangel’!

Paul Cagle Posted July 11, 2016 at2:06 pm   Reply

Thank you Jennifer. I have so many other things going on that my writing was taking a back seat to it all. I’ve decided to change that. Are you on my newsletter mailing list? I just announced the tentative release of book 2 and the title on the mailing list. If you would like to subscribe you can do so at http://www.shadow-borne.com/subscribe/. The newsletter will be receiving information first, then I’ll be posting it to the blog at a later date. You do find out a little more about ‘Archangel’ in book 2 and how it will affect Alec in future books. 😉 I’m glad that you found information to renew your interest in The Shadow-Borne Chronicles and promise to try to update more frequently moving forward. I’ve already started writing the next book in the series so stay tuned for updates on that as well. 🙂


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