Alec felt an odd tingle wash over him for a moment, like the other night at the other crime scene.  A cold shiver went down his spine.  He’d lost focus for a moment and hadn’t really been paying attention to anything going on around him, other than Aleisha, and hadn’t kept up with what was happening.  The group of vampires was still standing in the shadows outside of the alleyway, talking quietly with one another.  Marcus and Dorn had been talking quietly with one of the police officers and had just rejoined them.

Alec looked up instinctively, not knowing what was pulling his gaze, just like last night at the other murder scene.  On the rooftop stood a figure.  It was definitely male and stood defiantly in the darkness as if daring anyone to come after him.

“There,” Alec almost shouted, raising his finger to point.  Even as he did so, the man jumped from the building on the far side.  Everyone was in the process of turning to look where he was pointing when Alec made a decision and started running.  He was standing right where he’d seen the figure in less than a heartbeat.  Alec looked around and spotted the man standing on a building, two over.  He jumped from one roof to another and was instantly standing where the man had been.  Behind him, he sensed movement and ducked in time to avoid some sort of barrel that flew over his head and smashed into the alleyway below with a loud crash.

Alec gritted his teeth as the figure sped off into the night, he pursued without thinking it over.  Whoever this was was fast, he noted.  He easily avoided Alec and kept ahead of him no matter how hard he tried to catch up.  They raced around warehouses inside and out.  Jumped from building to building and across parking lots and sometimes parked cars themselves.  It was the worst game of cat and mouse Alec had ever played.

The figure jumped from the ground and went straight through a large open window on the second floor of one of the derelict warehouses.  Without hesitation, Alec followed.  There was no floor on the second level and Alec landed easily on the ground floor.  Instinctively he flipped and rolled to his right as a metal girder was slammed into the ground where he’d landed.  He looked around but saw no one.  He cursed quietly under his breath.

He was standing looking the opposite direction from when he’d landed, now staring towards the open window above when a sound behind him made him turn suddenly.  Without warning the room burst into light, like a thousand suns igniting at once.  Alec screamed in pain and dropped to his knees as the light stabbed into his sensitive eyes and pierced into his brain like fire.  His irises had been completely open so that he could take in all the ambient light that the night had to offer.  He’d gotten a full blast of light and his hands were held protectively over his eyes, tears streaming down his face.

Alec’s head cracked forward as he was hit from behind with something hard.  He wanted to ball up in the fetal position and thought he might throw up from the pain radiating from the back of his skull.  Before he could even hit the ground someone grabbed him from behind and flipped him around onto his back.  The unknown assailant’s hand grabbed the front of Alec’s shirt ripping it in the process and started raining blow after blow into Alec’s face.  Thankfully his arms were in the way, his hands covering his eyes so his forearms took the brunt of the brutal assault as he covered his head.  Alec felt both bones in his left arm break and he screamed in pain.  He moved the arm instinctually to keep any more damage from being rained down on it.

His assailant didn’t let up and continued punching Alec until his nose and face were a bloody mess.  He had never experienced anything like this before, the ferocity of the attack staggering.  Alec timed the assailant’s next blow and grabbed the fist that was pummeling his face.  He smiled with bloody, swollen lips as he squeezed down on the hand and crushed all the bones.  A deep male voice cried out in pain and let go of the front of Alec’s shirt and he hit the ground hard enough to almost knock the breath out of him.  He used the sound of the voice as navigation and brought both legs up and kicked as hard as he could.

Both feet connected, but his assailant had moved and Alec got him in the chest instead of the face.  He felt the vampire’s chest cave in and heard several audible snaps as ribs were broken.  Alec rolled quickly to his right and came up on his feet.  His eyes, face and arm had already healed.  He was thankful for that because he was about to beat the living shit out of the man that had attacked him.

Alec heard someone land on the ground behind him and turned, arm up ready to unleash hell when he realized it was Marcus.  Around him, he heard the soft sounds of other vampires landing, while his eyes searched wildly for his assailant.


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