Reading Versus the Audiobook

Paul A. Cagle, Author

October 29, 2016

Recently, I’ve started listening to audiobooks while I work.  I’ve had an Audible account for several years but haven’t used it that much for one reason or another.  So, when I received an offer for three free audiobooks, I decided to rejoin.  Back in the day, I used to listen to a lot of podcasts on the paranormal, fantasy/sci-fi and books that authors would podcast themselves in installments.  When I switched jobs I didn’t have a lot of time to listen so I stopped.  At my current day job, as I sit bored at my desk, entering data and typing repetitive information in to our system, I decided that I needed something to entertain me and keep me from falling asleep.  Audiobooks were just what I needed.  This brought to mind a conversation that I had with a friend recently about paperback books versus ebooks.  My friend was telling me that she prefers paperback, a book she can physically hold and manually turn the pages as she reads.  I prefer ebooks as they are easier to peruse and access before buying.  I don’t have to go to a bookstore, try and find the book I want and wait to get it home to read it.  I just pop online, find what I want, download and voila, I am reading in a matter of minutes.  Pretty much the same with audiobooks.  You can read/listen anywhere.  Stuck somewhere getting your oil changed or tires rotated?  Not a problem.  Just pull out your smart phone or tablet and you’ve got a book ready and waiting to be devoured.  It’s easy.  But just as some people don’t like ebooks, others don’t like audiobooks.  It’s a preference.

Audible, an Amazon Company

The Downside:

Audiobooks are not cheap. They can be anywhere from $40 to $15, with a monthly subscription. Depending on the length of the audiobook, I can usually go through one in a couple of days. That is, if my work is uninterrupted by pesky requests from my boss needing some report emailed to him or a fellow employee who needs help with something. Devouring audiobooks can get expensive. What I’ve discovered is through Amazon, if you buy the ebook first, the Audible version is usually cheaper (sometimes only $1.99). Doing it this way, I’ve discovered a lot of new Indie authors that I enjoy reading. For me, it’s a win-win! The other downside is when you find an amazing book with an awesome synopsis, but the person reading the audiobook has an annoying voice or odd reading habits that put you off. I have found a couple like that so I bought the ebook but unfortunately had to pass on the audio version. It happens.

Which do you prefer? Do you enjoy ebooks or prefer a physical copy that you can hold and manually turn the pages? Do you enjoy audiobooks? If so, which ones have you listened to that were awesome? Let me know what you think and which you’ve enjoyed so that I can possibly add them to my list of audiobooks to listen to while I work.

And, if you enjoy audiobooks, check out my book Shadow Born on Audible. If you’ve already bought the ebook ($3.99 on Amazon), the Audible version is even cheaper. Let me know what you think if you listen to it.


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