“Ms. Farris, do you remember attacking Alec?” Dorn asked.

At Alec’s name the woman twitched a little. Nothing big or grand, just a small tick.   Alec and Dorn looked at one another. Alec wished he was burning blood, just in case she somehow pulled out another knife and tried to hack his head off.

Dorn nodded to Alec and motioned for him to speak to the woman.

“Ms. Farris, I’m Alec. Do you remember me?” When Alec spoke, Ms. Farris twitched again. Her hands seemed to spasm like she was squeezing something.

Very quietly she said, “Alec?” like she was confused or lost and his name held some meaning for her. She licked her lips and wrinkled her brow, thinking.

“Alec,” she said very quietly, “I have a message for you.”

A cold chill went down Alec’s spine. Ms. Farris was speaking so low that Alec could barely hear her. Dorn narrowed his eyes in suspicion.

“Alec.” This time her voice carried some volume and Dorn could hear her as well. She turned then on the bed to face Alec, her green eyes meeting his blue.

“I have a message for you.” She stood then and started walking slowly towards the bars of her cage, each step measured and precise. She tilted her head to the right, like she was listening to something.

“He wanted me to tell you something, Alec.” Step by step she got closer to the bars. Both security men still had their hands on their weapons. Alec’s heart was beating quickly in anticipation of what might happen. Then, Ms. Farris stopped and just stood there.

“He wanted me to tell you…he’s coming for you.” She smiled a little then, like she was remembering something pleasant. Her demeanor slowly changed, her smile turning to confusion, then to fear and then to pain. She shook her head slowly like she was fighting with something.

“He wanted me to tell you he’s coming…for you.”

“Who? Who’s coming for me?” Alec asked, a tremor of fear in his voice.

Her eyes snapped back to Alec’s again and her gaze burned with manic ferocity. This time she didn’t whisper. She screamed.

“THE DEVIL…THE DEVIL IS COMING FOR YOU, ALEC!” As she screamed these words she threw herself at the bars of her cell like a mad woman and began bashing her head against them over and over again. Blood and gore covered the woman’s face. Dorn grabbed his walkie-talkie and screamed into it that they needed a medic and sedatives immediately. Alec was suddenly burning blood but he could only watch helplessly as the woman thrashed and beat her head bloody.   Then she just stopped.

Alec was burning blood so his senses were hyper aware. He could smell the blood covering the bars and the floor of the cell. He could smell the bitter sting of the sweat coming off of the three men standing around him. And he could hear their heartbeats.

The woman said, “He’s coming for you,” one last time and then Alec heard her heart just…stop. Her eyes rolled up into her head showing only the whites and she crumpled to the ground bonelessly.


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