Hello all, hope all is well on your end.  Had a great time at LibertyCon a couple of weeks ago, minus the food poisoning of course.  Lol.  Anyway, I’ve been feverishly working away on book 2 and just wanted to share some news.  I have finished writing the novel and it is out for editing.  YAY!!!!!  You don’t know how happy I am to be able to share that news with you.  Once the edits get back and I correct all the errors, I will be releasing the book!  I’m planning on an October release date, but that is barring any unforeseen complications or MAJOR rewrites.  Stay tuned for further information on the exact date.

I also wanted to share the title of the book with you guys.  Other than the people editing my book, and my mailing list, I haven’t told a soul the name yet.  The working title of the book is: The Dead of Night: Book 2 of the Shadow-Borne Chronicles.  What do you think?  I know it’s not the greatest title in the world, but it works on several different levels.  You will understand once you read it. 😉  The title is subject to change of course, if one of my editors comes up with something else that I like better.  For now, that is the planned title.  I hope you guys are as excited to read it as I am to finally be publishing it.  There were a lot of starts and stops along the way, but I’m working on changing that.  I’ve already started writing the next book!  I’ve set myself a schedule, and if I stick to it, and don’t have any major issues or writer’s block, my next book should be out in the first part of 2017!  Stay tuned for further information and updates as I move forward.

So, I’m curious, who is your favorite character in the Shadow-Borne universe and why?  It can be a simple answer or a detailed one.  You can email me at paul@shadow-borne.com.  I was talking to one of my editors and she told me that her favorite was Marcus because he’s Roman (she likes them tall, dark and handsome), and because he’s helped Alec so much.  Of course I love all of the characters that I’ve written about, but one that really intrigues me is Aleisha-Nightshade.  She’s a beautiful, ancient, deadly assassin but what is she really like?  Where did she come from and what sorts of things has she done in her past?  Just an FYI, she is in book 2 and gets to kick some ass with Marcus and Alec.

That’s all for now.  I just wanted to let you all know where I am in the process and what’s planned moving forward.  You can send questions or comments to my email.  I love hearing from you guys.  Until next time, remember to lock your doors and don’t let any strangers in…especially if they might be a vampire.

-Paul A. Cagle

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